BI Analyst

Tel Aviv · Full-time · Entry-level

About The Position

BI Team is the authority when it comes to data analysis.

Putting the data we collect to practical use, with the end goal of maximizing profits and

increasing our efficiency.

BI Analyst is responsible for processing several different types of data and to deliver business insights and action items.


  • Deliver Data driven insights 
  • Review and validate data as it is collected (QA)
  •  Develop policies and procedures for analysis of data
  •  Implement new data analysis methodologies


  •        Deliver data services to the different departments.
  •        Deliver “in-house” business insights.


  •        Internal DB
  •         GA

   Projects short term:

  •       Establish a healthy work procedure with all relevant departments (VP, Team Leaders..)
  •       Reports – to validate, to improve, to automate.

     Projects long term:

  •       In-house business insights


  •     Business oriented thinking
  •    Team work
  •      Data sharing
  •      SQL
  • At least 1 year experience as a BI data analyst


  •     Tableau

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